Monday, October 17, 2011

Game Experiment

It's been ages since Toilet Puck has had any news, no new episodes, no new developments, nothing. But all that may change soon. I really want to give this property another effort. It's a personal project, it's tons of fun, it keeps me sane. Anyway, I took the backgrounds from the first episode and decided to make a little point and click game out of them, like the many point and click 'escape from a room' games that you see on the 'internets.' There's nothing to it yet, no objects to pick up, no puzzles to solve, no keys to unlock, no story, no point really yet... BUT you can explore the bathroom with some simple navigation.  There are some secret spots, so move the mouse around the room and find the hot spots. It's just a start, but I think I could make a cool little game out of this. Will TOILET PUCK himself make an appearance? Will the other SUPER HEROES from the Toilet Puck Universe show up?  Stay tuned to find out.