Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Newer version of the LINE UP

Here's the line up again. This time THE UNINTELLIGIBLE HUNK, THE SCIENTIST, and PEE BRAIN have been updated with their latest versions. I have been very busy working on a new production, so I have had to leave my own projects, like TOILET PUCK, on the back burner for a while. I don't mind, the project I am on is a good show, I need the money, and I am not in a rush to move forward with my own projects. I would rather take the time and develop TOILET PUCK the way I want. Hopefuly I will have a couple of months off this summer, between this season and the next season of the show I am currently working on, I could get some more TOILET PUCK designs done during that time.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Now that's better! I should have thought of this before. The HUNK would rip right through those gloves when he changes from the scientist. I made them to look like fingerless biker gloves.


This is the scientist that turns into THE UNINTELLIGIBLE HUNK. I just added the purple lab gloves.


The old version of THE UNINTELLIGIGBLE HUNK had no twist, no new element on THE INCREDIBLE HULK character. He was just a cartoony version of the Hulk. The rest of the characters in the TOILET PUCK universe have unique takes on the old super hero archetypes. So I had to do the same with HUNK. I gave him purple lab gloves, like THE EVIL BRAIN TEASER, or DEXTER'S LAB, and instead of the ripped pants like the Hulk, I gave HUNK underwear. I always wondered how the Hulk's pants did not rip right off. As for his personality; HUNK is still a dumb gentle giant, but now he also has a weakness for burritos. It was the combination of Gamma Radiation and a burrito that caused him to turn into the HUNK, have diarrhea, and accidentally create TOILET PUCK. I may also change his skin color. Personally, I like the 3rd one, the yellowish one.