Wednesday, October 31, 2007

white rapper

I felt the character of THE UNINTELLIGIBLE HUNK was way too much like the INCREDIBLE HULK. He is a spoof of the hulk of course, but he needed an interesting twist, not just a cartoony version of the hulk. So I made him into a white rapper type of character, with blond Eminem hair and bling around his neck. He is going to talk like a rapper, which is unintelligible anyway, so the name still fits. So now the articulate scientist turns into an unintelligible green rapper.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

new expressions

I made a few different arm positions and moved his "clip" in various positions.

Monday, October 08, 2007

flyer back

very simple on the back of the flyer; a description of the show, a single image of Toilet Puck, some contact info, the show's logo which is only a mock logo. I have not begun working on the real logo yet.

flyer front

The idea was to make it look like a comic book. I would have wanted to add a few more things to it, and make it look old and worn out, but I did not have time to do all that. I think it gets the point across as it is, it does look like a comic cover, and it represents the show properly. As of right this moment the flyer is being paraded around in France at MIPCOM, one of the biggest mutlimedia and licensing conventions in the world. I think I will work on this flyer some more, so that by the time the KIDS SCREEN SUMMIT happens in February, I will have the exact look and feel of an old retro comic that I was going for.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Toilet Puck Expressions

Just experimenting with some expressions. I just copied and pasted his body for now. I will eventually change his body, arms and hands to better suit the expressions. I also plan on doing more expressions for him. I want to really push it as far as I can. I want him to have the same range of expressions as Sponge Bob Square Pants, really wild and extreme. Most series I have worked on were really lacking in character expressions, with directors, producers, and supervisors all afraid to be "off model." Which is ridiculous and wrong. It's not being off model at all, it's acting, it's pushing, it's exaggerating. I worked on a show called "My Goldfish Is Evil" and the main characters were horribly designed, they couldn't even rotate properly. They looked like completely different characters in their profile. And the expressions were non existent. They had no range of emotion, no acting, no personality. They were designed with triangle eyes, very bad, and impossible to get expressions out of without being "off model." Goldfish was one of the worse shows for expressions. One of the best that I worked on was "PIG CITY" All the characters in the show were anthropomorphic pigs, but they great expressions.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

NEWS 10 04 07

Lots to report in the world of TOILET PUCK. I pitched The Refreshing Adventures Of Toilet Puck to OASIS ANIMATION, and they love the idea. I didn't even have to say to much during the pitch. I started explaining the concept and the producers just started going off on all the possibilities and they actually ended up saying all the stuff that I wanted to say during my pitch, but didn't have to because they were totally on the same page as me. So for the next 2 years, the ball is in their court. They are going to do all the leg work, the travel, the pitching, the meetings with broadcasters. I have a good feeling about this. I really like Jacques at Oasis, he is just a great guy. I trust him completely to pitch Toilet Puck as well, if not better, than I would myself. I put together a kick ass bible for the pitch. And now I am working on a one page flyer for MIPCOM. So here's just one of the expressions of TOILET PUCK I did for the flyer. The color of his clip/clothes/belt/whatever it is he is holding on to, changed from what it was before. I accidentally colored it the color you see in the pic above, and I like it better than what it was before.