Sunday, December 18, 2005

Toilet Puck Line Up & Size Chart

Here's the line up so far.


TOILET PUCK is a tiny disinfectant toilet puck. He was brought to life by the gamma radiation from the UNINTELLIGIBLE HUNK'S diarrhea. He is in charge of the super hero washrooms, keeping the peace between the larger than life super heroes with super egos.

Q- "You can't fly. You have no super strength. You don't shoot laser beams or have super speed. So... what exactly ARE your super powers?"

A- "I'm a living, breathing, animated toilet puck. What more do you want?"


This is another Super Hero from my the TOILET PUCK universe. He is SCAR MAN. Here is a Q & A with this dark demented vigilante.

Q- "Why the name ScarMan? Is there some horrible incident from your past that left a hideous scar on your body or face? Is that why you wear that mask and that costume, to hide your scar?"
A- "No. Theye're emotional scars."


MAJOR PECS is the ultimate scientific and technological achievement. He genetically enhanced, has bionic arms and cyborg legs, plus he is on steroids.

Q - "It must have cost a fortune to create you? You are a real 6 million dollar man!"

A- "6 million! It cost more than that just to get these pectoral implants."


HUNK is a gentle giant. He is responsible for the creation of TOILET PUCK, when the gamma radiation in his diarhea turned an ordinary toilet dissinfectant puck into TOILET PUCK.


CHAMP is a former pro wrestler. Since retiring from the wrestling world, he has continued battling evil doers outside the ring as a Super Hero. He is just one of many super hero characters in this project. I will post some of the others too. Here is a little Question & Answer with CHAMP.

Q-"What is the best part about leaving wrstling and becoming a full fledged super hero?"

A-"I was always a hero to the kids as the WorldvHeavyweightChamp, except now I get to write my OWN one liners!"


SUPER STUD is a womanizing, sexist, libido driven hero that is more interested in getting the girl than saving the day.

Q- "What is your moto when it comes to your duty as a super hero?"

A- "Saving the sexy world from sexy viallainy."


PEE BRAIN is a clone of SUPER STUD. He was created by THE EVIL BRAIN TEASER using DNA from the urine of SUPER STUD. PEE BRAIN was supposed to be an evil creation. Instead, he is just....well, a pee brain.

Q- "So you turned out to be the opposite of Super Stud? He is handsome, you are ugly. He is intelligent and articulate, you are dumb and incoherent. He is sexy, you are revolting. He is right handed, you are left handed. He like blondes, you like...breakfast cereals."

A- "Me Super Stud?"

Q- "Never mind. This interview is over."


This is the main villain in The Refreshing Adventures Of Toilet Puck.

Q- "If you are so smart, couldn't you come up with a better name than THE EVIL BRAIN TEASER. It is so obvious."

A- "That happens to be the name my parents gave me. I come from a long line of career criminal geniuses."


METAL HEAD is a rocker from the 80's. He turned to a life of crime because he was a burnout back in high school. He may look menacing, but he is about as harmful as the guitar player from Spinal Tap.

Q- "Would you say that criminal behavior is a result of socio-enviromental conditions or individual mental health?"

A- "Well...uh...I uh...well...ROCK N' ROLL!!"