Saturday, February 04, 2006


The old version of THE UNINTELLIGIGBLE HUNK had no twist, no new element on THE INCREDIBLE HULK character. He was just a cartoony version of the Hulk. The rest of the characters in the TOILET PUCK universe have unique takes on the old super hero archetypes. So I had to do the same with HUNK. I gave him purple lab gloves, like THE EVIL BRAIN TEASER, or DEXTER'S LAB, and instead of the ripped pants like the Hulk, I gave HUNK underwear. I always wondered how the Hulk's pants did not rip right off. As for his personality; HUNK is still a dumb gentle giant, but now he also has a weakness for burritos. It was the combination of Gamma Radiation and a burrito that caused him to turn into the HUNK, have diarrhea, and accidentally create TOILET PUCK. I may also change his skin color. Personally, I like the 3rd one, the yellowish one.

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