Thursday, October 04, 2007

Toilet Puck Expressions

Just experimenting with some expressions. I just copied and pasted his body for now. I will eventually change his body, arms and hands to better suit the expressions. I also plan on doing more expressions for him. I want to really push it as far as I can. I want him to have the same range of expressions as Sponge Bob Square Pants, really wild and extreme. Most series I have worked on were really lacking in character expressions, with directors, producers, and supervisors all afraid to be "off model." Which is ridiculous and wrong. It's not being off model at all, it's acting, it's pushing, it's exaggerating. I worked on a show called "My Goldfish Is Evil" and the main characters were horribly designed, they couldn't even rotate properly. They looked like completely different characters in their profile. And the expressions were non existent. They had no range of emotion, no acting, no personality. They were designed with triangle eyes, very bad, and impossible to get expressions out of without being "off model." Goldfish was one of the worse shows for expressions. One of the best that I worked on was "PIG CITY" All the characters in the show were anthropomorphic pigs, but they great expressions.

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