Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Super Stud expressions

I want to do something different with the character expressions on this production. I want the animators to have as much freedom as possible with the expressions. I don't want them to be constrained by being "on model." As long as the head shape stays the same, the characters features, eyes, and mouths can stray far from the model. One of the issues I have with programs like flash and harmony, is that the animators rely way to much on the library. So on this production there will be no standard lip sync in the library. Each expression will require the animators to do a new lip sync and use specific acting.

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rick from ontario said...

dude, if i had the post goldfish summer to live over again i think i would like to have been making a toilet puck cartoon or two....

no regrets. just thinking outhere was the personal project we could've nutured ferever.

toilet puck should been the no brainer project.

what do you think?