Friday, December 07, 2007

bow legged

An exaggerated, funny, still shot of Pee Brain's legs. Not sure if I am going with the digital painted one above, or the flat colored one below.


Kevin Barber said...

I like the texture but you could be digging a production nightmare hole by adding extra time and production costs for rendering like this. Plus once many hands are involved you may loose control of consistency.

Easy Zee said...

I did think about that. When we go into full production I, as director, will have to make sure it stays as consistent as it possible. But even if there are inconsistencies, I don't mind, as long as the still shot is funny. I've worked on many series where directors worried so much about consistency, that they ignored the bigger it funny?
In fact the character designs in Toilet Puck are designed so that the shape of the head never changes but the features of the face, such as eyes, mouths, brows, can be completely up to the individual animators to push as far as they can, without worrying about being off model. In fact, the more off model the funnier. As long as they come back to the model sheet face.
Plus my philosophy is that there no problems, only opportunities.