Sunday, February 22, 2009

PEE BRAIN mouth and blink

One of the scenes I animated today. I am not using a standard, generic A to H mouth chart for this pilot or for this series. I want the acting, particularly in the lips syncs to be funnier, more specific to the dialog, and different from scene to scene. Most shows these days that use flash or toon boom have 2 sets of mouth charts in the library, happy A to H and Angry A to H, and ALL the lips syncs for ALL the scenes use only those mouth positions. Sure it makes for some very fast animation, but it's not acting, and it is not interesting. So I am creating several completely different lip syncs in every given scene, and then if it those lips work in another scene, I will reuse them. Eventually, as I animate more scenes and the library of lip positions grows, there will be increasingly less lips to have to be drawn. Most digital shows do this very same thing for hand positions such, so why not lips?

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