Thursday, May 07, 2009

writing on the washroom wall

Some of my girlfriend's quotes I used as graffiti on the background.

The audience may never be able to read them, but it's the kind of inside joke that makes the creative process fun.

The "inside joke" graffiti was my girlfriends idea. In case you can't read the backgrounds, here are the quotes:

"I'm dream interpreting, don't talk to me right now."

"I want to introduce this to your life; I wanna sit around and discuss with you the aesthetic value of different tomatoes."

Z-"In a crunch it could be a substitute."
N-"I don't want a crunchy substitute."

"It's really hard to maintain a naked life style."

N-"Look at him."
Z-"Where is he?"
N-"He's not there. Look at him in your mind."

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