Sunday, December 18, 2005


PEE BRAIN is a clone of SUPER STUD. He was created by THE EVIL BRAIN TEASER using DNA from the urine of SUPER STUD. PEE BRAIN was supposed to be an evil creation. Instead, he is just....well, a pee brain.

Q- "So you turned out to be the opposite of Super Stud? He is handsome, you are ugly. He is intelligent and articulate, you are dumb and incoherent. He is sexy, you are revolting. He is right handed, you are left handed. He like blondes, you like...breakfast cereals."

A- "Me Super Stud?"

Q- "Never mind. This interview is over."


Mike Thompson said...

I'd make his skin color yellow to reflect his name and origin. Nice designs. Check my blog at

Easy Zee said...

Thanks Mike. That's a great idea, and funny too! He looks way better yellow, and it gives him that special extra twist that makes him more than just a spoof of Bizzaro.