Tuesday, June 02, 2009


The pic above is the updated, final credit for the voice actors. They did an outstanding job. Big Llou Johnson as the Unintelligible Hunk steals the show. Anthony Reece, who voiced all the other characters, once again did great work. His Major Pecs is awesome.

This is my end credit.
This shot is still being worked on. I need to add the second voice actor, instead of having voicetoons.com twice. Anthony does amazing work, I really lucked out finding him.

My girlfriend has earned the associate producer credit. Not only did I run everything by her, animation and scripts, timing and ideas, but she also invested her dollars to get the first episode made.

I am very grateful to Haris for permitting me to use his song, it's the perfect theme.

The best source for sound effects on the web.

And finally, a little plug for the website.

And there you have the end credits. It's going to zip pan from one shot to the next.

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