Monday, June 08, 2009

EPISODE 01 is complete!!!


I am very excited to have an episode complete and ready to show to the world. The web site is still an ongoing work-in-progress, but at least the video is up. Only this small version is up right now, I am hoping to have a large full screen, good quality version up by the end of summer.

As for episode 01; It turned out REALLY GOOD! I could not be happier. The pacing, the gags, the voices, the comedy, all turned out great. Now the real work begins, the pitching, the leg work, the rejection, the marketing, and the SHAMELESS promoting. I will put it on you tube in a few weeks, there is no better way to reach a mass audience than you tube.


rick from ontario said...

way tres, dude, way tres.

that's frenglish, btw

Easy Zee said...

mercy buckets

...also frenglish