Thursday, July 09, 2009

right back at it


It's been one month since I finished the first episode of TOILET PUCK. I entered it into an Animation Festival, sent it to one network, one studio, and just put it on you-tube a couple days ago. Now it's time to get to the next episode. This is shot from episode 11. No, episodes 2 to 10 are not done yet. I'm jumping straight into episode 11. The more episodes I can get done, the easier it will be to pitch this project. Anyway, if you look at all the posts labeled "episode 11" you will see that I need to add textures and graffiti to the backgrounds. I started working on episode 11 before episode 01. It was during the making of the first episode that I came up with this look for the BG's. So now I need to go back and add graffiti and textures to all the BG's in episode 11.

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