Monday, June 08, 2009

EPISODE 01 is complete!!!


I am very excited to have an episode complete and ready to show to the world. The web site is still an ongoing work-in-progress, but at least the video is up. Only this small version is up right now, I am hoping to have a large full screen, good quality version up by the end of summer.

As for episode 01; It turned out REALLY GOOD! I could not be happier. The pacing, the gags, the voices, the comedy, all turned out great. Now the real work begins, the pitching, the leg work, the rejection, the marketing, and the SHAMELESS promoting. I will put it on you tube in a few weeks, there is no better way to reach a mass audience than you tube.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


This is a good example of one of those "magic" moments animation. These 2 characters, Major Pecs and the Unintelligible Hunk, worked so good together and played well off one another that I decided to write another episode featuring these two together. When something works, it is important to shift direction, rethink, and alter course. Originally, I only planned on using Hunk in 3 episodes, including this first episode, and he wasn't teamed up with Major Pecs in the other two. Now I am going to rewrite them together.
The screenshots above are from 2 close up scenes that were added after receiving the audio tracks, because I was inspired by how the characters interacted with each other.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


The pic above is the updated, final credit for the voice actors. They did an outstanding job. Big Llou Johnson as the Unintelligible Hunk steals the show. Anthony Reece, who voiced all the other characters, once again did great work. His Major Pecs is awesome.

This is my end credit.
This shot is still being worked on. I need to add the second voice actor, instead of having twice. Anthony does amazing work, I really lucked out finding him.

My girlfriend has earned the associate producer credit. Not only did I run everything by her, animation and scripts, timing and ideas, but she also invested her dollars to get the first episode made.

I am very grateful to Haris for permitting me to use his song, it's the perfect theme.

The best source for sound effects on the web.

And finally, a little plug for the website.

And there you have the end credits. It's going to zip pan from one shot to the next.